It is with a heavy heart I am informing you that the latest government guidelines state we must close our doors temporarily

I only know the information released by the government this evening and have no time frame to work with. Let’s hope it’s only for 2 weeks

I am truly grateful for all the lovely messages offering support and reassuring me I am doing a good job by keeping you informed

I will be setting up a big WhatsApp group chat for ALL interested clients so you can help each other with tips on refitting the systems at home yourself.

The salon mobile again is 07376 142432 remember to add your name!

I will post video chats and voice notes on the group chat. This will take some time to set up so please be patient

I cant challenge the closure even though I deal with hair loss. I will let you all know via an email like this what the latest information is so please ensure you’ve saved our email address as previously mentioned in other emails

I have a duty of care to everyone that visits the salon and works here. This includes our families
This is an inconvenience I know but I am not able to go against government policies but we will minimise the disruption if we all pull together as do as instructed

Once I know any more information I will let you know then work together with Emma and Jay to accommodate everyone once we can reopen

Online booking has been temporarily frozen and for now, please do not try to book new appointments so I can focus on those that are having appointments postponed.

ALL hair systems have been stored in vacuumed sealed bags in containers in a dark cupboard ensuring they are preserved for future use. This is not in any way detrimental to the system and will ensure you suffer no further delays upon reopening by having your system in stock

For all you that have already paid for your systems they have been ordered and I do not expect any delays in receiving them so please do not worry – I also anticipate a large number of people requesting products to be sent so I have ordered extra stock
If you would like anything posted out please email your order along with your address. I will also ask if you can be called at specific times as I will be in the salon less obviously- online payments can be made and bank details provided upon request

I anticipate the order placed today to be at the salon by Friday so you have the whole week to decide if you need anything but all payments must be made by Thursday

As things evolve you will receive updates from me. Assume if I’ve not sent any emails that there is no change in the situation

The most important thing is your health and safety. Remember we are on a forced isolation so no one other than those we live with should see you, I have been the last salon I know of to officially close so have done my best to support as many of you as possible but the matter has been taken out of my hands

I will not be physically cancelling appointments as I will use the booked appointments as the new waitlist and work through those booked in first to offer the first appointments when reopened
I will work 7 days a week to ensure that everyone is seen so please be patient.

As always please stick to emailing me for updates and do not use social media – this helps me keep in order of who has requested things plus all messages are in one place. If I don’t reply to you be patient as I am prioritising emails as to when the question asked refers to, check back on previous updates (also posted to my website) if you missed any

Once again update the salon contact information in your contacts and add as a VIP to ensure emails aren’t sent to your junk folder

I am working on how to support you all and trying to come up with solutions so please be patient

Many thanks


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