Looking to the future and the reopening of the salon I want to set out the safety guidelines I will follow to you all
With speculation growing about us reopening before most businesses, lots of you will have concerns about coming in to contact with people so I wanted to outline the plan I have for reopening
Naturally there will be a high demand for appointments, as mentioned in every email sent out since the lockdown so I wanted to lay out it out again giving you plenty of notice to absorb the information
  • those with appointments already postponed will be offered the first available appointments
  • those that have pre paid/part paid for appointments will then be second in priority
  • I will then reopen the online booking and naturally an email and/or text will be sent to alert you
  • If calling please understand we will be busy so please leave a message or you can text the salon mobile if you’d prefer 07376142432
  • Once you have an appointment please come at the appointment time (not before) to allow us time to sterilise the salon in between each client and prevent unnecessary contact with other people
  • Appointments will also be staggered to prevent a cross over of people
  • with regards to personal protection, if you have access to masks and gloves it is recommended to wear them – I’m uncomfortable currently with trying to bulk buy these as I will be reducing what is available to the NHS- I am sure you can understand however you should all be able to access a few for personal use. There will of course be some available in the salon and we will also be wearing them, this includes face shields should the government say this is required. I am prepared either way
  • a reminder that ALL gowns will be washed after EVERY use
  • We have always used disposable towels including the toilet in recent months so please ensure if using the toilet you wash your hands thoroughly and wipe the taps and door handle with antibacterial wipes provided. (These are a medical grade wipe)
  • All equipment is sterilised between each client
  • I am considering not offering hot drinks during the initial phase of reopening but it will be lifted once the pandemic is ‘over’ if I do implement it
  • Anyone with weakened immune systems will be offered the first appointment in the morning initially. I know many of you very well so have already identified those who will be contacted first as we start to roll out the appointments schedule
  • Please do not come to the salon if you are unwell, the reopening will only be possible if we still follow the Government/PHE guidelines of feeling unwell and self isolating.
No doubt this will generate an influx of emails so please bear with me, I am trying to focus on business plans, personal plans and having a rare chance of spending time with my sons that I hardly see due to a heavy ‘work’ load (you all know I love being at work)
I am spending time generally looking after myself so I am fit and healthy for the anticipated crazy time ahead so sticking with a routine and working set hours, answering emails, making calls and watching webinars. This will help me be in a strong position when we can reopen. Therefore please be patient about responses
For those of you waiting for information about bespoke systems, you will all be contacted personally when I have confirmed delivery times. Many of you have had updates recently if your system was due in
Total Cover Plus have said that some shipping is delayed leaving China as medical supplies are of a higher priority plus there are some restrictions by other countries
This won’t impact on your systems being here when the lockdown is lifted
Again I will contact those with bespoke systems information once I have any, I am in constant contact with Total Cover Plus so assume, no news means no news
I have always tracked orders and as explained previously in emails there are a few delays to bespoke systems being finished due to a few reasons.
  • Orders placed around Christmas/New Year when there are factory closures
  • The Chinese New Year closure
  • The extended closure due to the Corona Virus outbreak
  • Delays in China reopening
  • Shipping priorities and restrictions
I’d also like to reassure you all that deliveries from China are always disinfected, this is a procedure that Total Cover Plus have always had in place. For extra reassurance we will wash the hair systems before fitting them. We have been doing this already for quite a few of you just to reduce the bounce in the system, however this will become a standard process if you’d like so please ask if you’re concerned at all
As a reminder the virus is active for 72hours on surfaces, the systems are in transit from China to Germany then to the salon. This takes much longer than 72 hours so please feel reassured there is no risk of catching the virus from the system especially with the disinfecting process
The risk is higher going to the supermarket, touching food as you put in your fridge, from a petrol station or being in public places
I am still posting out products and have to say I’m surprised how well the maintenance kits have gone down so this will something I will continue once we re open.
I’ve noticed all postage is taking longer than normal, all items are sent out 1sr classes signed so they will turn up (eventually)
I’m sure some of you will have questions I’ve not addressed but I have done my utmost to cover everything
The most important thing is that we are all safe and well, the whole world is in the same position, we are all trying to find our way and all have our own personal concerns. So please be patient with us as we attempt to help those that have been impacted from the beginning of the lockdown
Remember to add our email address to your contacts and save as a vip if possible – the email address was updated almost a year ago so i hope you all are now aware of it
Most of the emails are also posted on to our website so always check there too (& your junk folder)
I really can’t wait to get back to work and see you all. I’ve been so touched by the messages of support.. thank you all so much – I can certainly say my life is never dull!
Take care and we will all see each other soon
Tara xx

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