Hi everyone

It’s goes without saying as always, I hope you and your families are well and safe

I apologise if you feel bombarded by emails from me but it is helpful I hope to know what is going on and my plans for reopening

Today’s news that the Government have delayed Thursdays announcements further regarding the easing of the lockdown are disappointing as I’d hoped I could pass on some positive news this week

I, like everyone only know what the Government announce so can not give any indication of when I can reopen.
What I can tell you all is that I’ve fully stocked my shelves so to speak & have everything in place to reopen once that time comes

Again, if I have news to pass on regarding bespoke systems I will be in touch directly.
For those who were impacted immediately at the start of the lockdown, I will also be directly in touch with information then those that have part paid for appointments Once the initial appointments are all booked the online portal will be open again and an email will be sent to let you know you can then book online

I’d also like to thank you in advance for your patience during the coming weeks as I will be very busy fitting everyone in meaning it will take longer to reply to calls and emails.  I will do my best to bring in family and friends to help me manage everything but until there is any news from our Government I can not offer any information nor book any appointments

I know lots of you still don’t receive the emails (or they make their way into the junk folder) but I do also post them on my website https://www.thehairloungegodalming.co.uk/blog/ ( https://www.thehairloungegodalming.co.uk/blog/ )

Also please check you’ve the correct email address saved – info@thehairloungegodalming.co.uk and mark it as a vip to ensure you don’t miss anything – this will help reduce worries and a build up of emails in my inbox as a lot of questions are addressed in the updates

I’ve sent most of the emails on a Monday, therefore I hope you have started to see a pattern emerge & are anticipating regular updates so may be look out for them more

If there are any big announcements from the Government you will also get another email

Well done to all of you that have managed to do mini refits on your systems, I know it can be very stressful, but I hope information I’ve sent out has helped a little and I really appreciated some of the interesting photos shared.. its great to see many of you have found humour during this very difficult time, you have certainly helped put a smile on my face!

Thank you everyone that has passed on positive feedback regarding my updates, I feel I’ve set myself up for a fall now though.. you’ll all expect longer emails from me rather than my usual bullet point German style ones that I send when I’m in between layers of bond! So again apologies in advance for when I get back to work if I am not so attentive. I do prefer to be less direct and more supportive honestly but sadly time isn’t always on my side and I feel a swift response is more ideal for everyone

I hope I can give a really positive update in my next email & soon we will all be in the salon sharing our lockdown stories  (pretty sure they’ll be about late nights, Netflix and food! Maybe a bit about our alcohol consumption too?)

Take care everyone Xx

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