Hey everyone

It goes without saying I hope you’ve all been keeping safe but also you have managed to enjoy the glorious weather

I wanted to update you on a few tips to help maintain your system during the extended lockdown and whilst we all enjoy the sunshine

Total Cover Plus have now released 2 new products
a leave in conditioner with a uv filter, this is to be sprayed on to damp/dry hair. It will help lock in the moisture to keep the system feeling soft. It’s cost is £20
a serum which works along side the uv spray which keeps the system soft and can help to smooth the hair It’s cost is £24

As you know, the systems are coloured and prolonged exposure to the sun will impact on the colour of it, meaning it will fade more. Of course normally we only spend this amount of time off work on a holiday so fading isn’t too much of an issue and as most of you know, in the salon we often run a bit of colour through the system (avoiding the natural hair) to extend the life a little
At home this can be tricky to do, so, I would recommend wearing a cap more often when outside
After washing your hair apply some conditioner and leave it in the hair to help give it a ‘wet look’
Wear the hair more ruffled/textured looking (so less flat) this will help mask any divide in the hair colour on the system and your own hair.

On Monday I am doing a live Q&A broadcast with josh on Instagram at 5pm, it would be lovely is you all watched and even participated a little, some people have been sending questions in already, this means it can still be anonymous (and yes I have asked josh if he’d consider doing it with out his top on 😉)

There will be another email sent out on Monday too explaining how I intend to launch the reopening of the salon
My emails are loaded on to the website too so always look on there in case you’ve missed any information

Enjoy your weekend and maybe I’ll catch you on Monday 💜

Tara xx

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