I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm at home
For those that are new to the salon, in the previous lockdown there were a lot of updates so please check our website to read through them but grab a cup of tea first!
I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we reschedule appointments, the lead up to Christmas is always a busy period meaning there is a bit more juggling to do
The online booking portal will be reopened once we have the reopening date confirmed, no new appointments will be made until this point.
This is to avoid a bigger list of people to reschedule should the date be pushed back
Once again all updates like this will be sent via email so please ensure you have our email address saved in your address book or check our website weekly
  • With regards to arrivals of standard systems I can order them in the normal way as there are no delays from Germany
  • With regards to bespoke hair systems I have regular contact with Total Cover Plus and if there is any news regarding any systems arrival I will be in touch.
I can understand everyone’s growing concerns about getting an appointment pre Christmas, I have held a few appointments back to offer any bespoke system wearers appointments should their systems arrive. I urge you to be flexible when offered appointments as there are limited times because of rescheduling the whole of November due to lockdown.
It is a very difficult time for everyone and I anticipate a few concerned calls but until we have an opening date confirmed (at the moment it is Dec 3rd but who knows if it is likely to change) therefore most of the questions I will be asked may be left unanswered
I have a call scheduled this week with Total Cover Plus, if I have news confirming a delivery of bespoke systems is on its way I will be in touch ASAP
I am contactable throughout the entire lockdown to help you all. I am still making my way through emails which came in as the lockdown was announced
My working hours through the lockdown are
Monday – Friday
10am – 11.30am
5pm -6.30pm
This allows me time to focus on other areas of my life which, for those that know me well, will appreciate it’s a rarity!
Please all check the Government website for updates regarding business reopening- last time there was a lot of speculation in the press with different news stories being regurgitate generating a lot of anxiety amongst people which if possible I’d like to prevent.
As always, take care and we look forward to seeing you all in the salon very soon 💜

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