Hi everyone
As always, I hope you and your families are safe and well
I expect we’ve all watched the press conference held by the Government tonight
There’s been much speculation over recent weeks about hairdressers reopening and it appears we may have to wait just a little longer sadly before I reopen
I think tomorrow will bring clearer understanding of the road map that the Government talked about, I will of course absorb all the information and understand the covid alert system and what impact it will have on the salon
Phase 2 includes shops which is where I fall. No time frame to work to but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. From my interpretation I can not return this week as hoped due to not being able to follow social distancing- again, I do feel that clearer news will become available from tomorrow
I prepared 2 emails, well 3 if I include the one to the people who’s appointments were first postponed and I can not believe this is the one I’m sending
Many of you are really struggling. I will do my utmost to see you all a swiftly as I can but it’s a tricky position to be in as you all need to be seen immediately
Once again, to reassure you I will work 7 days a week to get everyone seen. Emma is unable to return for a few more weeks. Jay is off still due to family circumstances but will be working Wednesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday soon so all appointments will be split between us
As some of you still miss the updates, again I ask if you can add info@thehairloungegodalming.co.uk to your address book and mark it as vip to be sure you don’t miss the emails.
They are also loaded to my website https://www.thehairloungegodalming.co.uk/blog/
If I can offer any reassurance via a call please reach out to me, I’ve had many lovely messages from people which has been really appreciated especially as I know many of you have been struggling with your hair systems. We will all get through this so please try to keep positive
Kind regards
Tara 💜🌈

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