With a heavy heart the lasted news from the Government is that we are to close from Thursday for a month until December 2nd
I obviously am devastated as I have worked so hard at keeping the salon open and safe
Naturally the online booking portal Ovatu will be suspended whilst we reschedule appointments and until we are expecting to reopen in December
Lots of appointments have been rescheduled already with a few more to do so please bare with us as this does take some coordinating
This is a short term lockdown all being well so we all need to support each other
As always products will be posted out as before.
For newer clients to the salon, head over to our website and scroll through our salon blogs to see what procedures were in place before.
For our long standing clients please refresh your memory on tips to maintain your system as well and the procedures which were in place
For those that haven’t yet registered on the Total Cover Plus customer portal please do so as there are tips on how to fix lifts etc and I expect there will be more information added during the lockdown
Don’t forget to register first!
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I will undoubtably be inundated with emails so please again bare with me as I plan and set out more procedures.
I thank you in advance for your patience and we will be in touch with you very soon
Tara x

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