Hi everyone
The online booking system has now been re-opened
There are adjustments to appointment times to include sanitising in between clients
As you all know, from now you are being requested to turn up at your appointment time, not before, as there will be no waiting area
You have all been given information regarding what will happen upon arrival at the salon but as we reassess our risk assessment this week any changes will be forwarded on prior to reopening
I am sure there will be some anxiety for people about returning to different environments, especially those who have been shielding. I am the same as I’m diabetic. With this in mind you should understand why I am being very strict about the reopening, things will undoubtedly be updated as we all become confident with the new guidelines
Appointments may well be modified during the initial period of the Ovatu portal being re-opened
I’ve asked appointments be booked at set times as we reopen but now they could be booked with a bit more flexibility (although subject to being modified as mentioned)
Again emails are checked at the beginning and of the day (no later than 6pm) Monday – Friday.
I intend to take the weekend off as I have been working in some capacity every day during the lockdown.
I want to have a my last Saturday and Sunday off as I’ll be working with out any days off to catch up with all appointments
And finally, as always please add info@thehairloungegodalming.co.uk to your contacts and mark it as VIP to ensure you don’t miss out on future updates
Enjoy the weekend folks!
Tara and the team 💜

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