Hi everyone

I thought it was time to give you all the latest news regarding my recovery

I’m looking at returning to work imminently but still on slightly reduced hours whilst I get strength back in my hand. luckily I am officially pain free so I now feel much better

I am working through the waitlist and retuning emails gradually – if there’s anyone that I have overlooked feel free to send a gentle reminder

The email address has been updated so please make sure you update our contact details in your address book (this also helps prevent the emails going in to your junk folder) I would also suggest you ‘favourite’ or VIP us.

I don’t send a lot of emails but this whole experience has shown that if you miss an email it leads to a lot of frustration for you which has not been easy to resolve during a very stressful period in the salon

Jay has been doing well and I will be looking for another team member in the New Year who will be full time meaning that the salon will always be open

Again, Emily and Joel have been so helpful and I am very grateful to them

Many thanks for everyone’s patience and support through what has been an incredibly difficult time

For those that have found alternate salons we hope to see you all again!

Roll on 2020 I say!

Kind regards


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