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With more cases of covid-19 being announced daily and many local lockdowns/curfews/social restrictions being put in place, the salon must once again adjust to the changing environment we find ourselves in


As of this week it is compulsory for everyone visiting the salon to ‘check in’ by downloading the new NHS covid-19 track and trace app (available September 24th) and scanning our unique QR code


Our QR code will be displayed at the salon door from September 24th

You must scan this before entering at every visit


You will all by now be aware of the salon safety guidelines but as a reminder here they are they are again


We check your temperature upon entry using an infra red thermometer on your forehead, you must sanitise your hands and put gloves and a mask on


We can now serve hot drinks in disposable cups plus offer water, again in disposable cups


I’ve been made aware that some people aren’t reading the Covid-19 agreement sent pre appointment- it is imperative you do and sign it as we are again entering a challenging time and for everyone’s safety you must agree to not attend if feeling unwell plus other procedures



It will also be updated as new guidelines are announced so please don’t assume it’s the same for every appointment


I will also ensure a copy of the up to date covid-19 salon policy is available on the salon website so please always check it if you want to ensure you have the latest information


As we hit the winter period and all struggle to know if we have  ‘just a sore throat’ ’ for example please consider how it could progress in the coming days

I am sure we are all hoping to have clear steps announced over the coming weeks about identifying the differences between covid -19 symptoms and a common cold but I will request you use your common sense and bare in mind the safety of others in the salon.

You can check for any updates on the NHS website



Or BBC website



Whilst I am making every effort to reduce the risk of people touching anything in the salon by wearing gloves, everyone still checks their phones etc so the sanitising slots in between clients is of the utmost importance.


We must sanitise inbetween each client. The barbercide sanitiser requires 10 minutes to ensure any bacteria/germs  are killed. Hence why we request you turn up at the appointment time. Not early or late unless informed by us that we are running late


Once again to reduce contact with fellow clients we are not permitted to have a waiting area so no one can sit on the sofa but must must wait outside to be invited in – maintaining social distancing if there’s more than one of you waiting.


The salon door will now be locked to allow us to control the flow of people in and out of the salon


If we are running behind you will receive a text informing you

If no text is sent turn up at the appointment time and wait outside


In bad weather we request you stay in you car and wait as we will then text you just before the time of your appointment to be asked in – this is similar to how doctors surgeries operate and again ensures we are ready for you


For the salon to remain open and for everyone feel safe in the salon we request you respect everyone who visits and acknowledge we all have different opinions on face masks and gloves plus the guidelines released by the government.


The salon policies are created to take everyone into consideration as we have vulnerable people visiting and need to help make them feel safe and comfortable in the salon as they maybe shielding

Again, We will all have our own opinions regarding our own safety, therefore I request you respect my salon procedures which will ensure a clean safe space for the most anxious clients

My top priority is to keep the salon open

This can only happen if we all work together


I am still wavering the cancellation fee, appointments can be moved easily as we have a full team to accommodate everyone.


Some salons have had to close due to clients and staff having covid-19.. please help me not be part of those statistics


I am seriously considering asking anyone who has travelled abroad or a household member that has to delay appointments by 14days. Feedback would be most welcomed on this topic


As our current situation evolves I will keep the covid agreement updated so please read it before every appointment


Many thanks for reading this far.. I had hoped I wouldn’t be sending another email like this but I guess it makes up for me not filling your inbox for a while with anything other than appointment reminders 😉


We look forward to seeing you all in the salon soon

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