Hair loss


Total Cover Plus is a non-surgical hair loss solution for both men and women. Made with high quality human hair, the system boasts an ultra-realistic hairline and comes with 100% money back guarantee.

How it works

Firstly, book a free consultation with the salon and we can answer any of your questions or concerns in person and you can take a look at the product. During this consultation we can assess if you are a suitable candidate for a system and/or advise you on your options. We will then do a skin test to ensure that the medical-grade bond we use does not cause any reaction with your skin type, and we colour match your hair.

The system process

Stage one – Preparation

As part of our preparation process we gently cleanse your scalp to improve its health and to enable the hair system to be applied perfectly. It ensures that the hair system achieves the perfect look and feel and also improves the longevity of the hair system.

Stage two – Application

We apply the hair system semi-permanently to your scalp. To achieve this we use a water based and toxin free bond. It holds the hair system in place comfortably and strongly. This is a painless and gentle process. Our bond has an EC certificate which states that it is not harmful to the human health, as your ongoing skin and body health is our main priority.

Stage three – The look

You can have virtually any hairstyle. Your hair system looks, behaves and feels exactly as if it was your own hair. You can sleep in it, shower in it, do sports in it and live normally: you are now a person with a full head of hair.

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