Hi everyone
Good news! We can confirm that the salon will be reopening on July 4th 🤩
Everyone will be contacted in due course.
I will call people on the first wave of appointments to be booked. That is those who had appointments postponed since the start of the lockdown
Calling people will hopefully make the bookings system a bit swifter, please appreciate that all appointments are expected to be in high demand so flexibility is required
Once these calls are made I will call those that have pre paid for appointments as mentioned in previous emails, after this an email will be sent to inform you all that the online booking system will be reopened so everyone keep an eye on your emails
I do ask for patience whilst waiting for calls, it will take some time to call everyone. I intend to not make calls after 6pm and over the weekend, this is to allow me time to prepare the salon and ensure the new PHE guidelines are set up
Please understand that this will be a busy time for me whilst I call everyone so emails will most likely take a little longer to reply to, but for anyone emailing requesting products – they will still be posted out on Fridays once payment has been received – please ensure your address is on the Ovatu booking portal to help during this time
Appointment times will be longer initially whilst we adapt to new procedures meaning we won’t be able to see as many of you in one day as normal. Hopefully once we have adjusted to the routine and we can reduce the appointment times enabling us to see you all a bit quicker
I will be working 7 days a week (no evening appointments will be offered at this time) please understand that I will do my best to see everyone swiftly
Today’s announcement has been very much anticipated and no doubt well received!
I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this very difficult time, you will need to be patient a little longer. Thank you to everyone that has sent cards and kind messages, it’s been so nice to get such good feedback about all the emails I’ve sent. I hope they’ve offered a bit of reassurance and I personally can not wait to reopen..
Of course our type of hairdressing is very specialised. Everyone is feeling very anxious about getting seen. It is a big task to expect one person to do, I have a job add running to find a full time team member. But as you all know it isn’t that easy to find someone with the right skill set, however I am very optimistic that I may now find someone suitable as there is going to be a lot of changes to ‘normal’ salon environments.
As always. Please ensure you update our contact details and add them as VIP to ensure you don’t miss any updates from us
The gmail email address will no longer be monitored
Ensure you have info@thehairloungegodaming.co.uk as the only contact or your emails will certainly not be seen
See you all very soon! 💜


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