Hello everyone
Having watched the Governments news briefing, July 4th is still set out as the earliest date we can reopen- we need to continue being patient.
Someone shared a link with me about how effective face masks were in the USA regarding a salon with 2 stylist who wore masks. They tested positive for covid -19 but were symptom free (A systematic). Not 1 person contracted Covid-19 that had been to the salon.
Please read through the article as I hope you’ll find it reassuring
I will be outlining my reopening procedure as guidelines are announced but please be reassured I have everything in place already.
The social distancing distance and in salon PPE requirements are yet to be confirmed by Public Health England but will all be adhered to and announced to you once we are told. But I am well prepared.
Emails have been drafted ready to send when the time comes.
I’ve carried out extensive risk assessments, I feel I’ve gone above and beyond.
This is to ensure the salon is a safe environment for you and the team.
Hopefully you’ll receive a very positive email soon with confirmation of the reopening date
We all need to be patient just a little longer.
As soon as I receive the much anticipated bespoke systems I will be getting in touch to let you know, we still have a few weeks regarding appointments availability so we have time to receive them
Again, we are all in this together. We have never experienced such a worldwide epidemic and we have all had to find a new normal
Take care and I really hope to see you all soon💜

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